The New Lower Fat Sausage

The New Lower Fat Sausage

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This week we are pleased to reveal our Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausage, packed with protein and with less than 4% fat. Just in time for January, our team here at the Kernow Sausage Company have developed this new reduced fat sausage to offer sausage fans a healthy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.

At this time of year we can all feel the pressure to cut down on those indulgent treats and get in shape. Here at Kernow Sausage HQ we recognise that making smart food choices can help us all to feel happier and healthier. After sampling a wide range of healthy eating sausages we were disappointed by the bland and frankly feeble products on offer.

As a bunch of dedicated sausage lovers we were keen to take on the challenge and set about developing a lower fat sausage that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste. Made with only the best Cornish pork, natural casings and traditional seasoning, the new Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausage can certainly hold its own and contains up to 65% less fat than the traditional banger.

As our managing director Gavin explained, “I think most people would agree that the majority of healthy eating sausages you can buy in the shops are quite uninspiring. We wanted to challenge the stereotype and craft a leaner product that packs plenty of meaty flavour.”

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To see how our reduced fat sausage can fit into your slimming plan, enter the nutritional information below into your calculator noting that each individual sausage is 76g.

Lower fat sausagelower fat sausage

Available exclusively at The Kernow Sausage Company online shop, our Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausage is perfect for those looking to shape up, improve their diet and cut down on fatty foods. We have also introduced an easy-to-use group order form, perfect for slimming clubs or getting together with friends. To find out more or request a taster session at your local slimming club please get in touch on 01872 531888 or send us a message.


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By Samantha Mauger