The Original Cornish Hot Dog

The Original Cornish Hot Dog

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We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of a brand new product into our range of delicious sausages. Inspired by our favourite American classics, The Original Cornish Hot Dogdelivers mouthwatering flavours packed into a proper Cornish portion. Using sweet and smoky paprika as the base for our secret recipe, The Original Cornish Hot Dog has been developed by our team using their expert knowledge and passion for a tasty porker. This product is bold enough to stand alone but can also be paired with a variety of toppings and sauces allowing you to craft your own gourmet hot dog. The hot dog will be showcased at this year’s Cornwall Food & Drink Festival from 27-29th September, so please stop by to chat to one of the team and grab a taste of our delicious sausages.

Too long have burgers been the staple of the relaxed dining menu, now is the time for the hot dog to shine!

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