Philleigh Way launches the Kernow Sausage Masterclass

Philleigh Way launches the Kernow Sausage Masterclass

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A keen supporter of Cornish produce, Philleigh Way Cookery School has teamed up with The Kernow Sausage Company to pass on some of their specialist knowledge through the Kernow Sausage Masterclass. This practical course promises to take students through the process of home sausage making, from butchering the pork to stuffing the skins, with a focus on the importance of quality ingredients and craftsmanship.

Today, more and more people are cutting down on mass-produced items in favour of local produce and seasonal ingredients. Together with the success of shows such as The Great British Bake Off, food lovers from far and wide are being inspired to get their hands dirty.

As one of the newest additions to the Cornish food scene, Philleigh Way Cookery School is proud to support this home cooking renaissance. Run by Chef George Pascoe and his brother-in-law James Martin, Philleigh Way was created to encourage people to reconnect with food and learn something new. They offer a range of fun, hands-on courses, all from their newly-built cookery school at their family farm on the Roseland Peninsula.

George and James are expanding the range of courses on offer with their newest additions including a home sausage making course in collaboration with our very own Gavin Roberts, local butcher and sausage connoisseur . The first Kernow Sausage Masterclass will be held on 5th February 2014 with more dates in the pipeline.

George Pascoe, chef at Philleigh Way explained: “We really want to encourage people to reconnect with their food and take a greater interest in where it comes from. We love the Kernow Sausage approach, where quality local ingredients are used and food is given the respect it deserves. That’s why we’re looking forward to working together with Gavin on the sausage making courses”.

“I think it’s great to see more people taking an interest in traditional skills, it’s something we’ve always championed and I know my gran would be very proud. Philleigh Way offers food lovers a unique experience and I can’t wait to be a part of that,” added Gavin Roberts, managing director at The Kernow Sausage Company.

For more information about the Kernow Sausage Masterclass or any of the other courses available at Philleigh Way please visit their website at

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