Lighter Cornish Breakfast Recipe

Lighter Cornish BreakfastSend Recipes

There’s nothing quite like a big Cornish breakfast at the crack of dawn. Using leaner ingredients and smart cooking methods, this lighter Cornish breakfast recipe is a hearty way to start the day without all that excess grease.

by Samantha Mauger





2 Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausages

2 rashers of Finest Farmhouse Back Bacon, fat removed

1-2 free range eggs

5-6 cherry tomatoes

Handful of mushrooms, halved

2 slices of wholemeal bread

Low calorie cooking spray

Salt and pepper to taste



Method Lighter Cornish Breakfast Recipe

Place your Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausages under a medium grill and turn regularly. After 5-10 minutes add the rashers of Finest Farmhouse Back Bacon and continue to grill, turning regularly, for around 10 minutes or until both your sausages and bacon are cooked through.

Whilst your meaty breakfast items are cooking under the grill, fry the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes over a medium heat using a low calorie cooking spray. Once they are nicely browned, push the mushrooms and tomatoes to one side of the and use the other side to fry your eggs in low calorie cooking spray for 3-5 minutes.

Just in time to serve, pop your wholemeal bread in the toaster.

With this lighter Cornish Breakfast recipe you can start the day happier and healthier. Proper job!


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