Shape up with Slim & Proper

Shape up with Slim & Proper

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Want to shape up but don’t like the idea of nibbling on rabbit food? No, me neither.

Having launched our Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausages just two months ago in January, we have been overwhelmed by their popularity both across the county and further afield. Now available as a sausage meat, perfect for making your own meaty treats, our famous bangers have become a firm favourite with sausage-loving slimmers.

Slim ProperBecause they contain high levels of protein and less than 4% fat, Slim & Proper sausages are also great for gym-lovers and fitness fanatics. Packed full of delicious traditional flavours, these sausages do not compromise on quality or taste. We caught up with fitness guru Shaun Windo from Lifestyle Solutions Fitness Studio in Pool to find out more about how our skinny sausages can fit in with a healthier regime.

“As I’m sure you guys are aware, when trying to lose weight, or as part of a weight maintenance programme, a lower fat intake is essential.  Your lower fat sausages are great at providing a tasty alternative to normal higher fat sausages, which means that they can be consumed more regularly. It’s important that people wishing to adopt a healthier lifestyle and in particular those looking to lose weight don’t feel deprived of the occasional treat, so offering them a product which enables them to treat themselves is a great way of staying on track.

“In actual fact, a higher protein intake and a lower fat intake are essential for those looking to drop a few pounds whilst providing their body with enough protein to feed working muscles. I must stress though that everything needs to happen in balance, which is why weight loss programmes like Slimming World and Weight Watchers, or coming to a Personal Trainer like myself, are helpful because it’s about adopting new lifestyle changes through great nutrition and exercise not just going on a crazed fad diet that does more damage than good.”

Slimmer and sexier

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Shaun is a true fitness professional that helps his clients to reach their health and fitness goals by looking at nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

If you’re would like to find out more about Shaun and Lifestyle Solutions Fitness Studio please visit their website.

You can purchase Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausages or Sausage Meat directly from the Kernow Sausage Company online shop. Don’t forget it’s free shipping on orders over £25 so why not stock up and enjoy guilt-free delicious Cornish produce every time!


Have a peek at our healthy eating recipes, featuring our lower fat sausage, for some delicious ideas on how to feel great whilst enjoying the food you love.


By Samantha Mauger