6 Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausages


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Full of flavour and perfect for slimmers with less than 4% fat.

6 sausages to the lb.

6 Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausages


Taste of the West Gold Award 2014            Taste-of-the-West-Award2014

Freshly made using only the best Cornish pork, natural casings and traditional seasoning, this healthy alternative contains up to 65% less fat than the traditional banger. Proper job!

Each order of 6 sausages is approx 400g in weight.



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To see how our lower fat sausages can fit into your slimming plan, enter the nutritional information below into your calculator noting that each individual sausage weighs 76g.

Lower Fat Sausages Nutritional Infolower fat sausages

We have also introduced an easy-to-use group order form, perfect for slimming clubs or getting together with friends.

Simply print out the form, fill in your order and send it to us at samantha@kernowsausages.com. Don’t forget to take a peek at our healthy eating recipes for some delicious ideas on how to feel great whilst enjoying the great quality food you love.

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