Slim & Proper goes for Gold!

Slim & Proper goes for Gold!

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Our family of sausage lovers are celebrating today after our newest creation, a healthier reduced-fat sausage, won a coveted Taste of the West Gold Award. Having entered alongside a host of other speciality food producers from across the South West, the Kernow Sausage Company’s Slim & Proper sausage is the only reduced-fat product in its class to win a Gold Award.

Slim ProperHaving been established for over two decades, the Taste of the West product awards are designed to promote the very best food and drink made in the South West. These prestigious awards give local producers a chance to gain recognition for their dedication to quality and provenance. Earlier this year, after sampling a wide range of healthy eating sausages, Gavin Roberts and the rest of the team at the Kernow Sausage Company were disappointed by the limited selection of tasteless options available on the supermarket shelves. As a bunch of dedicated sausage enthusiasts, we were keen to take on the challenge and set about developing a lower-fat sausage that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste.

Managing director and sausage connoisseur Gavin explained: “When we first started working on the Slim & Proper sausage we wanted to challenge the status quo and create a leaner product with plenty of meaty flavour. We have always said that it can hold its own against more traditional sausages and now this award just goes to prove that.”

Handmade with the best lean cuts of Cornish pork, the Slim & Proper sausage contains less than 4% fat and has fast become a best seller with local slimming groups and sausage fans alike. With a growing awareness and appreciation for the value of quality local produce, the Kernow Sausage Company shows no sign of slowing down and are set to expand the range of reduced fat products later in the year.

These prize-winning snags are now available to buy at from various local retailers and directly from our online shop as butcher’s links or sausage meat.

Find the nutritional information here.Taste-of-the-West-Award2014



By Samantha Mauger


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