At the Kernow Sausage Company we pride ourselves on quality and we believe this shows in the end product. Working with chefs over the past few years has taught us that a high quality, excellently crafted product makes life easier for the team in the kitchen. This excellence is achieved at a number of stages which add up to produce we are proud to have you use. Please read our information for chefs and get in touch with us to find out more.

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Information for Chefs

Information for Chefs

Firstly, as much as possible, the pigs we use have been reared on our own farm. This means we have full oversight on welfare and feeding ensuring that our pigs are as happy as they can be. We believe the care and attention at this stage bring out the best quality pork to be used in the end product. We use straw from the Collins family just down the road at Tregonan who then in turn use our pigs manure to fertilise their crops.

Secondly, the recipes used are developed with consideration as to how the product will be used in the kitchen. For example, we are aware that chefs will need a breakfast sausage and therefore offer two sausages for this use. Similarly, the Cornish Bratwurst has been designed with its use in a main meal in mind.

Thirdly, great care is taken in the production process. Our production team have years of experience in the industry and are simply great at what they do. By having the skill and culture quality at this stage means that process culminates in a product that is not only great to use but will excite your customers.


We welcome you to read about some of the relationships we have built with our customers by following the link here.

Products and Pricing

We can offer chefs a wide range of sausages, bacon, fresh pork and other pork products. For a complete list of the products available to chefs and details of trade pricing please request a chef’s information pack.


Delivery days are Wednesday and Saturday each week. To help take the hassle out of ordering we will call you each Monday and Thursday morning. Our production team will then get to work on your order the next day ready for delivery.

Customer Service

We are also aware that it is essential to offer the best customer service and care alongside the actual product. It is for this reason that calls are handled by friendly voices and any comments or queries are welcomed and responded to.



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